Dusty & Heidi

Meet Dusty & Heidi~

“We knew Heidi when she was a little pup we were taking care of her helping her survive, giving medication, putting on cream for mange, feeding, loving, trying to find a home for her to get her out of here, then she disappeared. We thought something happened to her and she had died. We looked for her for weeks. 3 months later, she’s back from wherever she was. Again not in great shape. So I decided, I’ll just take her. I moved her to a safer spot and gave her antibiotics and mange cream for about 4 days and shes running around playing with a tennis ball, jumping on me and anyone who comes to visit her. She’s another sweetheart.

Dusty is one of the cutest pups you’ll ever see. I just figured I’d get him out of a horrible situation before its too late for him.”