Diesel & Tiny

Meet Diesel & Tiny~

“I first met Tiny while going for a run one evening. I saw her sneaking onto the FOB through some barbed wire and then she sat right on the dirt road and looked at me while I approached. I was afraid because she looked like a lion to me but I still approached her only to find that she was just a young puppy(1 month old tops). I showed her around the area I worked and she decided to make that her home. She then became just one of the team and all of the soldiers became familiar with her and the next dog we found Diesel. He arrived in similar circumstances and we call them brother and sister but really we have no idea. They are just similar in age and we thought it would be funny if they were. The two love one another and get along very well. The entire squad soon fell in love with them but then we found out we would be leaving soon. We didn’t want to leave them to the wolves so to speak so we found a way to get them to Erbil where we were supposed to be next. It now seems uncertain as to when we will leave Syria so they are there without us. We don’t want that to be the end of their story so we do want to get them to the United States where all of the soldiers can visit them when we get home.”