Deja, Dioge & Dash of Lebanon

Meet Deja, Dioge and Dash of Lebanon:
“I am currently deployed in Lebanon. My teammates and I are set to head back to the states around the middle of January. I’m contacting you because we rescued 3 puppies from our base that were extremely malnourished and probably not going to make it through the winter. Currently Helena from BETA organization is taking care of the puppies for us as we prepare to leave. I was wondering if there was anything you might be able to do in order to ensure the puppies get to a good home. Unfortunately, I have spoken with my teammates and due to various reasons such as kids, upcoming deployments and small living arrangements none of us will be able to adopt the puppies. I know its a burden but if you are able to find the little guys a home it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!”

We have decided we will help these pups in gratitude for this team’s service to our country. If you wish to adopt email