Meet Momma Coco of Turkey:
“She has been serving at our location for years. She has had 4 litters and none of the puppies have survived until these 2 puppies CJ (Coco Junior) and Wonder Woman. We nursed them to health and was so sad to see the others pass away. Life in Turkey is quite hard for the strays. As you can see these 2 little fluff balls are loved and cared for as best as we can in a location where our duties require our 24/7 attention. That is why we wish to have the animals get to safety.”

Their journey has begun to a life they can only dream about. They are headed to boarding and safety. It is always a miracle when these battle buddies get to the USA and our hopes and prayers is to one day see all animals safe and loved. Please help Coco get her miracle.

She does not have a home yet as the Airmen can only adopt 2 of the group. Momma Coco, CJ and Thumper (we are still trying to get him to safety) are available to adopt. Please email if you are that special home for them.