CJ & Wonder Woman

Meet Wonder Woman & CJ of Turkey:

These 2 puppies are the only remaining puppies of a litter of 8. They are survivors or in the language of their native country “geride kalan”. It is a country where only the strongest survive. In a world where we cannot predict what life has for us it is ironic that these 2 little ones have survived where others have not at the hands of our finest serving our country. “Keep your head up, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

Wonder Woman has a home with an Airman but CJ does not have a home yet as the Airmen can only adopt 2 of the group. Momma Coco, CJ and Thumper are available to adopt. Please email adopt@thepuppyrescuemission.org if you are that special home for them.

March 13-Today they started their journey to safety. It is a long journey of 14 hours cross country. Pray for safety. We will update with a big sign of relief and gratitude when we hear they have arrived.