Chloe the Kitty

Meet Chloe~

“She is one of a litter of 4. 2 have passed and now Max and Chloe will go to the USA. Max has a home but Chloe needs a family. She is the sweetest kitty and so sweet. Please someone adopt her as my kitty will not welcome a newcomer and I just could not leave her behind to deal with the rough conditions in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Max, Chloe, Mia and Jameson were born in southern Afghanistan to the sweetest Momma kitty, who would never let us pet her but would always sit near us. We watched as she took her five babies around our compound. Sometimes we would be petrified as she took them along the rooftops. She taught them well. Sadly one of the 5 was run over by a vehicle and we all mourned the loss of the sweet baby. As the rest moved to a safe area, we would feed and play with them. They became a source of happiness and comfort for us. I know for me, they brought me happiness as I mourned the loss of an uncle and stepmother so far from home. Those of us who ordered food and toys for them. Built kitty condos for them are departing soon for our next assignments and we couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them behind. Will you please help us find their forever homes and get them to the US? We are so grateful that PRM is helping us to not abandon these little ones who have helped us get through some hard days.”

If you would like to adopt Chloe please email