Chloe of Iraq

Meet Chloe of Iraq~

“Chloe is a six-month-old Iraqi pup that we have watched grow up on the compound with us. She was born to the mom of a wild dog pack leader but always found her way back to the compound to come and hang out with us guys. She quickly became everyone’s favorite dog, and so a couple of months ago we decided to build her a dog house so she’d know she would always have a place with us. We got the news that a working K9 was coming out with the next group and so the dogs on the compound would need to find a new home.

I realized we needed to do something to save Chloe from being put down when this new dog arrived, so I tried to chase her a safe distance from the compound. But the next day she came back to say hi to all of us. It was then that we realized she had become just as attached to us as we had to her. She has been really important to me on this deployment. Especially on tough days out here, it has been great to be able to come back to her.

If she could tell you about herself, she would probably say, “I love playing with other dogs and like to talk a lot, but the humans don’t always seem to understand me. I’m about as sweet as you can imagine and really like belly rubs. Greg isn’t the only one who wanted to adopt me, so I guess these guys loves me.” We reached out to Puppy Rescue Mission thinking that it was a long shot and knowing that we didn’t have much time to save her. To our surprise, you all were able to do the impossible, and within 24 hours she is in route to you. Thank you!”