Meet Chief ~

“A few weeks back while on a patrol to one of our checkpoints I ran into a small pup. I spent a few hours hanging out with him, giving him food and water until it was time to head back. We had plans to return to the same checkpoint a few days later and my plan, if he was still there was to bring him back to camp and eventually get him home. Yesterday we returned to the checkpoint and after about 45 minutes of looking around for him he was nowhere to be found. But as I was walking back into the checkpoint there he was, sitting in the center of the compound. As soon as he saw me he took off running towards me, tail wagging. A few nights ago we got him back to camp, gave him a bath and set him up with a nice shelter to hangout in. He’s a happy pup. He currently has no shots and the chance of us getting shots to him here is very slim but we are trying. The closest city to us is Amman Jordan and we could get him there pretty easily if need be.

We come across quite a few stray dogs out here but this guys’ demeanor was different. He was always excited to see us and very well behaved when we were around. I wish I could snatch up all these dogs out here and find them all good homes but that’s obviously not realistic. Prior to us finding Chief one of our team members (our chief) was injured in the field and had to be medevacked out. When he left the team vibe was down and something was definitely missing. Since we brought Chief there has been no shortage of smiles around the team.”