Chica of Jordan

Meet Chica of Jordan:

“I am currently deployed in Jordan. About a month or so ago we had a little pup walk through our base gate very weak and emaciated and we took her in to nurse her back to health. Naturally, it didn’t take long for my entire platoon to fall in love. Sadly, we have just been given a 72 hour deadline to prove someone is taking her home (me) or the unit that runs this base is going to euthanize her. There is no way I’m letting that happen. When she comes home to America she will live with my fiancé and I and our one year old golden retriever, Maggie in Kentucky. We are soon moving out to Utah where she will have plenty of fun hiking and playing in the mountains.”

She is now safe and preparing for travel in 30 days or so. Please help get Chica to the USA.