Chewy of the Republic of Georgia

Meet Chewy of the Republic of Georgia~

“Chewy was a younger puppy when we arrived in Georgia. She quickly became a part of our family over there as the Marines basically adopted Chewy and a few other dogs. The other 3 main dogs have also all been adopted and brought to the states so they can be properly fed and cared for, receive veterinary care and live in loving and caring homes.

Chewy is a stray dog but has been living in a fenced in area for the most part. While deployed we witnessed several fights between the dogs we “adopted” and the roaming packs of wild dogs that surround the camp. We personally intervened on multiple occasions including providing medical care and shelter, as well as feeding and grooming the dogs. Chewy is a smart and lovable companion and quickly took to learning come, sit and shake commands. My desire to bring her home is to provide a safer and more stable home for her and to let her live without fighting for her life daily/weekly. I am very excited for her to meet my other dog Mya as they will become best friends.”