Canello of Turkey

Meet Canello of Turkey: I am 1 of the GPak that needs a home. I am about 4 months old now and would love to be part of your pack. Please help me get to the USA. “The puppies were one of the best things to happen while we were deployed. The mom was very […]

Sere of Turkey

Meet Sere of Turkey: “Sere is a beautiful 1yr-old Anatolian mixed breed. She is shy, but very friendly, as she has grown up and interacted with hundreds of people. During her almost 9 months with us, she has also interacted with many other dogs and puppies and has displayed a very gentle, motherly care for […]

Scar & Phil of Turkey

Meet Phil & Scar of Turkey: These 2 brothers have been at the airbase on the Turkey border for years. They are extremely sweet and very bonded. The soldiers & airman have really loved having these 2 with them. Their wish is for them to be rescued and brought to the USA as they keep […]

Copper of Kuwait

Meet Copper of Kuwait: We received a plea from one of our US military members in Kuwait. Copper made her way onto the base and was loving life with the soldiers but due to military policy she and her friend Daisy had to be removed from the base otherwise they were going to be euthanized. […]

GPak Puppies of Turkey

Meet the Gpak of Turkey~Sam, Brock, Lucy, Petey, Capello, Penelope: The Gpak were rescued by Airmen deployed in Turkey. They adored these sweet pups and really did not want to leave them behind. All of the puppies are not spoken for as the airmen that rescued them are stationed in Europe and cannot have pets. […]

Daisy of Kuwait

Meet Daisy of Kuwait: We received a plea from one of our US military members in Kuwait who happens to be a veterinarian. Daisy along with her BY Copper had made their way onto the base and was loving life with the soldiers but due to military policy they had to be removed from the […]

Sandy of Turkey

Meet Sandy of Turkey: Sandy was located on a remote airbase in Turkey. She had a litter of 8 which 3 passed away of Parvo when they were about 3 months old. The 5 that survived are spoken for by Airman or Airman families except for Angel. From one of the Airman: “The animals here […]

Marine Charlie

Meet Marine Charlie of Afghanistan: “Charlie was a young pup when our unit came to Afghanistan. He befriended all the Americans in the area. Due to our rules, we cannot “keep” a pet, but our daily visits to our Afghan partners allows much interaction. He is sweet and playful. We have had multiple scares when […]


Meet Lucky of Afghanistan: “Lucky was discovered one evening when he surprised our members. He seemed scared and skittish, but his hunger brought him closer to us. He had been spotted before late one evening in a Afghan military junkyard. He made fast friends with our members and played with another local dog. Lucky has […]

Lorelei of Kuwait

Lorelei of Kuwait: Lorelei and her momma and puppies were found shot by some soldiers on a patrol. They contacted KareQ8. All of them were dead except this little white puppy that since has been named (loreley) Lorelei. PRM has been presented with quite a challenge. We need to get her to the USA to […]