Kandy of Afghanistan

Meet Kandy of Afghanistan: “She’s a young female dog, I’ve known since she was a little pup. Now she’s a bigger pup, still young. She has always had a bad back left leg. I’m not sure what happened to her, some sort of injury, plus someone cut her ears off. They do that here to […]

Picasso of Turkey

Meet Picasso of Turkey: Sere is the momma dog that was rescued by soldiers deployed in Malatya, Turkey. She was set to travel in December but she had puppies. No one had realized she was pregnant because she is a large dog and was extremely thin. She had 6 adorable puppies. Sere is now in […]

Mina of Afghanistan

Meet Mina of Afghanistan: “Mina was brought to the military vet one day during one of the few rain storms that we have had while on deployment. The vet took her to pest control for rabies quarantine. I frequent pest control due to the interesting animals that they catch here on base. When I found […]

Deja, Dioge & Dash of Lebanon

Meet Deja, Dioge and Dash of Lebanon: “I am currently deployed in Lebanon. My teammates and I are set to head back to the states around the middle of January. I’m contacting you because we rescued 3 puppies from our base that were extremely malnourished and probably not going to make it through the winter. […]