Stella of Kuwait

Meet Stella of Kuwait~ “While on deployment, we had 4-5 dogs living within our work area. Seeing the conditions they had to live in was almost unbearable. I have been looking into getting a dog when I returned for deployment, and when my co-worker said that he was rescuing one of the other dogs, Roscoe, […]


Meet Roscoe~ “A few weeks after arriving in country two very thin dogs (Sheba and Dash) starting poking there nose around our operating area. Sheba is white husky-ish looking and a bit shy, something tells me she hasn’t had the best experience with humans but dash the black lab immediately jumped in my lap once […]

Queen Anne

Meet Queen Anne~ “Queen Anne is an adorable pup that we found out on patrol after her mother was killed by locals. We adopted her into the platoon and she quickly became one of us. She comes with me everywhere i go. We eat together, sleep together, even pull guard together. After seeing how the […]

Alanis & Nala of the Republic of Georgia

The FINAL TWO! Alanis & Nala! PRM is headed back to get Chewy and the last 2 puppies Alanis & Nala! If you would like to adopt either of these puppies email This litter has been cared for and loved by US Marines deployed in Republic of Georgia. They are the sweetest things. They […]