Meet Mo~ “Upon movement to our Pick-Up location from a successful raid of a Taliban stronghold I spotted a puppy laying in an open field. He was unable to move and close to death. Flies covered his body and I knew if I didn’t grab him he would die. He slept through his first helicopter […]


Meet Moralka: “Moralka also known as Santa’s Little Helper is looking to get to a safe and friendly place before Christmas rolls around. He’s had a kill order placed on him because he’s not allowed to be on the base here in Al Udeid. We constantly have crews deployed out here that look after him […]


Meet Ammo~ We have an amazing Christmas story to share with all of you. We received rescue request to help this beautiful dog Ammo to come to America. His story is not the typical story we share… You see his daddy who rescued him was injured in Afghanistan and sent home to America due to […]


Meet Holly of Qatar~ This is a story of a little pup that got spared because of several angels in Qatar. The soldiers told us about a dog that was going to be trapped and euthanized. PRM contacted some American Department of State employees to help retrieve a dog for a soldier and they came […]

Lady Freya

Meet Lady Freya~Goddess of War~ “When I first arrived to this location I noticed an extremely thin and filthy dog digging into trash to try and get food. She was very timid of people yet friendly, I believe she was beaten and treated as a trash dog by the locals who for the most part […]


Meet Brandy of Afghanistan: She was rescued from the same location as Dusty & Heidi. The soldiers just could not leave her behind. She is going to Eagles River, Wisconsin to live with another of our rescues Daisy who is about 4 years old. We think she will love Wisconsin. She is extremely sweet, a […]


Meet Calli the Cat: “Since showing up here in country, she has bonded with me. She was very young and in need of someone to care for her. Every time I would be on watch I would make sure she was taken care of and would get some food. It has gotten to where in […]


Meet Lily of AFG~ “While conducting an operation in Afghanistan, I found a puppy that was being pretty badly abused by some local Soldiers. My comrades and I stepped in and took her in. Her condition has dramatically improved since we got her. She won ’t leave my side, and I don’t want to leave […]


Meet KAF~ “Kaf just showed up to the ECP (Main gate) one day. I was taking some workers to the ECP so they could go home. I got out of the bus and this little pup comes running up to me. Only he hasn’t really mastered running just yet and tripped over his paw and […]

Dusty & Heidi

Meet Dusty & Heidi~ “We knew Heidi when she was a little pup we were taking care of her helping her survive, giving medication, putting on cream for mange, feeding, loving, trying to find a home for her to get her out of here, then she disappeared. We thought something happened to her and she […]