Chloe the Kitty

Meet Chloe~ “She is one of a litter of 4. 2 have passed and now Max and Chloe will go to the USA. Max has a home but Chloe needs a family. She is the sweetest kitty and so sweet. Please someone adopt her as my kitty will not welcome a newcomer and I just […]


Meet Gracie~ “This little one was found and is the runt. Extremely small. She has struggled to survive but is doing so much better. She will be going to my home in Virginia to live with my very cranky king of the house cat but as you can see Gracie is friends with everyone. She […]


Meet Bones~ “Bones was acquired / adopted near Sulymania and moved into the camp. For a handful of food, and a dry square foot of gravel to sleep on the dog was living the good life. (Bones had clearly suffered some abuse prior). Bones brought a sense of normal life the daily routine. The belief […]


Meet Bosko! “Last tour I had the opportunity to adopt a puppy to our camp from the same litter as my boy here “Bosko”… sadly I lost my puppy to Parvo (while still overseas.) On returning on another tour, I was happy to find out that there had been one surviving puppy. I do not […]


Meet Hank~ What a doll! How could you leave him behind. He is headed to live with 3 other Afghanistan rescues. Kandy, Dusty and Heidi.


Meet Smokey~ “Smokey was abandoned by his mother as the runt of the litter. His 4 litter mates remained with her, but Smokey was chased off to fend for himself. As a smart little guy, he worked his puppy charms and has since become the ECP dog. He enjoys helping to lift the gates and […]


Meet Cinnamon: “Cinnamon is Brandy’s sister.  Brandy is already to the USA and now it is Cinnamon’s turn.  These dogs were so special to the soldiers and they did not want to leave them behind.  She will need a family and if you wish to talk to the adoption team email” Cinnamon hanging out […]


Meet Rosie the Cat: “I saw this cat almost every day walking to the chow hall. She looks just like a previous cat I owned, Itchy Steve, so I named her Itchy Jr. I got everyone in my office to give me updates on when they had seen her. She was always so sweet, just […]

Nala, Thor & Loki

Meet Team Frazier: Nala, Thor, Loki & Kimber. Kimber is already stateside. Now to get his litter mates home. “The pups were feral. We found them, were able to catch them and are now caring for and feeding them. The goal now is to bathe them. The first couple of weeks we spent about an […]


Meet Jax the Kitty of Afghanistan: “Jax is a beautiful cat that is so sweet, kind, and extremely playful. Jax was found in the hazmat yard in Kandahar, Afghanistan were the contractors were taking care of him since he was a kitten. One day the hazmat yard boss said that Jax could not be at […]