Ghost of Afghanistan

Ghost of Afghanistan: “Ghost has become very dear to us as soon as we took her in. We found her at an afghan checkpoint and could not let her stay. We fed her and bathed her. She is a very sweet dog after she warmed up to us. She is very shy around strangers. She […]

Cloey of Turkey

Cloey of Turkey: “Cloey is probably the sweetest dog at this site. She gets all excited whenever I come into work to start the day and I am usually the first person she’ll greet. She’s just a big ol’ lazy lover who wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’ve had a dog back home for a while […]

Midi of the Middle East

Meet Midi of the Middle East: “I found Midi as a small puppy when he was living under a pick up truck. I was able to rescue him while I am on deployment and he has been an amazing companion! He deserves a good, forever home. which is why I am bringing him home to […]

Liam & Shiloh of Turkey

Liam & Shiloh of Turkey: These are 2 golden retrievers that were rescued from an abuse situation in the city of Izmir, Turkey. A young lady saw a man beating a dog and she reported him to the police. They arrested the man and the woman went back to see if the family would let […]

Kandy of Afghanistan

Meet Kandy of Afghanistan: “She’s a young female dog, I’ve known since she was a little pup. Now she’s a bigger pup, still young. She has always had a bad back left leg. I’m not sure what happened to her, some sort of injury, plus someone cut her ears off. They do that here to […]

Picasso of Turkey

Meet Picasso of Turkey: Sere is the momma dog that was rescued by soldiers deployed in Malatya, Turkey. She was set to travel in December but she had puppies. No one had realized she was pregnant because she is a large dog and was extremely thin. She had 6 adorable puppies. Sere is now in […]

Mina of Afghanistan

Meet Mina of Afghanistan: “Mina was brought to the military vet one day during one of the few rain storms that we have had while on deployment. The vet took her to pest control for rabies quarantine. I frequent pest control due to the interesting animals that they catch here on base. When I found […]

Ali of Kuwait

Meet Ali of Kuwait: “She is about 6 months old and very sweet. She lives by a dumpster in Kuwait off the highway. She is the only puppy that will come right up to you and let you pet her. I want to rescue her and get her back to the states because it kills […]

Charlie of Turkey

Meet Charles E Porkchop aka CHARLIE: “Charlie is a dog that started hanging out at our site not that long ago but he has already won my heart over. He has a great personality and is constantly smiling. I want to ensure that after we are finished with our journey in this country that he […]


Meet Sandy: “She was found roaming the streets of Fujairah clearly abused and malnourished. Ever since we have started taking care of her and showing her nothing but love, she is a completely different pup. I am doing everything possible to raise enough money to pay for her veterinary bills along with her transport to […]