Meet Apollo of Afghanistan: “Apollo was originally the Polish special forces puppy, due to some circumstances they were not allowed to keep him on their camp. Not sure what to do with him he was dumped onto the Afghan National Army compound. He was being miss treated by them on a daily basis. On many […]


Meet Angel of Turkey: “Since 2015 I’ve been at a site where she was born for over a year in total 8 months the first go around 6 this time. The dogs out there have been so sweet and I’ve put alot of my time and energy into establishing what we have out there. I […]

Sandy of Turkey

Meet Sandy of Turkey: Sandy was located on a remote airbase in Turkey. She had a litter of 8 which 3 passed away of Parvo when they were about 3 months old. The 5 that survived are spoken for by Airman or Airman families except for Angel. From one of the Airman: “The animals here […]

Thor of Turkey

Meet Thor of Turkey: “His name is Thor, Thor is one of the kindest dogs I have ever came across in any of my deployments. Thor has mentality that he would rather have human attention then eat the food being offered to him. Of course he loves to get the best of both worlds once […]

LouLou of Turkey

Meet LouLou of Turkey: LouLou is one of Sandy’s puppies located on a remote airbase in Turkey. From her Airman: “So many of the dogs in Turkey don’t usually make it past two years old due to weather, traffic, disease, hunger, etc. I would like to give not only this little puppy a chance at […]

Faya of Turkey

Meet Faya of Turkey: Faya is one of Sandy’s puppies located on a remote airbase in Turkey. From her Airman: “As many of you know, I have been trying to bring Sweet Potato home with me. She was picked up over 15 days ago, today, but despite all efforts, she still contracted a violent strain […]


Meet T-10: “If I could save all the animals in the world I would but I cannot. I can however save an animal that really needs saving. T-10 grew up around the base and relies on human contact and feeding to survive. Unfortunately, the people that play, feed and care for her are gone and […]

Stan the Cat

Meet Stan the Little Man: “During the summer months a new group of young cats arrived at our facility. While they were all adorable, our little Stan was so vocal. He would sit in the walkway and yell at everyone who came near him. He even chased after us, yelling the entire way. Over the […]

Siri of Iraq

Meet Siri of Iraq: “I first met Siri when she was a tiny pup, she must have been about 2 months old. Me and my coworkers found her wandering around the base, she was so happy to meet and play with us, she followed us back to the tent that we work in. We fed […]


Meet Larry of Kuwait: Brother to Harry (who is already to the states) and Kuwaiti Bear who is being rescued. “Larry, is one of 4 brothers. Two of which have been adopted by the same program. He has been living in filth near the base and in need of medical attention. Unfortunately, his condition steers […]