Meet Panda of Afghanistan: “Panda wandered on to our Camp in February and became an immediate member of the family. He was adopted by the two older dogs and they all quickly became in separable. He was tiny and chubby and took on many names, but since he was black and white, Panda stuck. He […]

Hansel of Kosovo

Meet Hansel of Kosovo: “I am a supervisor for the guards here on Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. I noticed Hansel and his brothers a few months back outside the wire. They were living on a farm, but after 2 of his brothers died I decided I had to save him. Kosovo has multiple programs to shoot […]

Surgery for Miles

Miles arrived Tuesday from Afghanistan. His compound fracture is being repaired today with a plate and bone graft. The good news is it will not be amputated. He is a sweet patient and all that have met him are amazed how gentle he is for a dog that is probably in pain. He will also […]

Champ of Jordan

Meet Champ of Jordan: “Champ was purchased by a family as a puppy. As he grew up it was realized that he was blind. Because of his disability the family put him on the street to fend for himself. Some local angels found out about him on the street and took him in. They are […]

Stella of Africa

Meet Stella of Africa: “So over the past 24 years of military service I have been to Germany, Korea, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan and a few other places where we have had pets/mascots at our sites. Unfortunately the last 10 years we moved around a lot. The last two places we had to leave the animals […]


Meet Kabu: “Hi, my name is Kabu (the name my human friends gave me). I’m a kitten a little less than a year old, born in Kabul, Afghanistan. My human friends found me about 6 months ago when I was very tiny, hungry and dirty. They started feeding me and now I’m much happier and […]


Meet Nickel of Iraq: “Dogs are not man’s best friend in the middle east and Kurdistan is certainly no exception. They are wild, feral animals who roam the ever present trash piles left by locals and live a meager existence in the dirt. The few people who do want dogs prefer the males as they […]


Meet Hopo of Iraq: “While deployed in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan I made friends with a local shepherd boy about 10 years old who would occasionally bring his flocks near my location. I would practice my Arabic with him when he came by, and help him out with small items like batteries for his flashlight, etc. I […]


Meet Trevor ~Bravo’s Best Friend: “Trevor is a 4-year-old stray that I met in Northern Afghanistan in March of 2017. He wandered onto a US base after being severely beaten. While he was escorted off of the base, due to current US military regulations regarding stray animals, he continued to return. He has disappeared from […]


Meet Bravo ~Trevor’s Best Friend: “Bravo is a 1-year old-ish stray that found his way onto our US compound in Northern Afghanistan. I met him for the first time in March of 2017. He has been abused, which explains his timidity around new people, and, as most strays are, his physical condition is poor. His […]