April & Maya of the Republic of Georgia

Meet April & Maya of the Republic of Georgia~ “April & Maya are two of the ten beloved puppies that I took care of for half of my deployment. I was in the Republic of Georgia from September 2017 till April 2018 and they were born in January 2018. Once the mother stopped breast feeding […]

Baqa of Afghanistan

Meet Baqa of Afghanistan~ “When I first saw this puppy, my heart instantly sank. He was so skinny, his fur falling off, he was critically dehydrated, and he could barely muster the energy to move. It was also immediately apparent that someone had beaten him severely. His hind legs have lost some of their mobility, […]

Odin of Republic of Georgia

Meet Odin of The Republic of Georgia~ “Judging by his clipped ears and tail Odin started his life as a sheep dog. After he wandered into our camp it was clear he had been left behind by his Shephard. After one can of spam and a bowl of fresh water Odin became a part of […]

Fluffy of the Republic of Georgia

Meet Fluffy of the Republic of Georgia~ “When I arrived the puppies were already here. I noticed Fluffy because his fur sticks up unlike the others (hence his name). When he was born he required extra care from the vets so when he returned the other puppies didn’t accept him and he was beat up […]

Kevin of Afghanistan

Meet Kevin of Afghanistan~ “I am a service member assigned at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. Kevin was found one day on our camp under a building without a mother.  Myself and a couple other dog loving service members took him back to an area and began taking care of him.  He was too young to take care […]

Bruce of Iraq

Meet Bruce of Iraq~ “I’ve been in Iraq for 8 months almost 9 months. Slowly getting ready to head home back to the states. I’m a firm believer in giving second chances. It’s not the Bruce’s fault that he was born in this environment. I was approached by someone that wanted to take Bruce home […]

Chief of the Republic of Georgia

Chief stays outside at the camp in Georgia. He is a sweetheart and is very caring and affectionate. I fell in love with Chief because of how he acts, he is extremely loving. Between the Republic of Georgia’s Minister of Defense trying to round up all of the stray dogs and put them down, and […]

Subutai of Iraq

Meet Subutai of Iraq~ Besides the lush, green valley and snowcapped peaks, the thing that most sets Kurdistan apart from the rest of Iraq is the dogs. Unlike further south, they are not scrawny, skittish, diseased, or hated. Rather they large, well fed, sociable, and, even when wild, are rarely abused by the locals. This […]

Meiko of Iraq

Meet Meiko of Iraq~ A friend of mine was in another location. I am in the location that transports the dogs to the US. She was the one that named her Meiko because she looks like the raccoon from Pocahontas.  She texted me saying if we didn’t get them out of there, they most likely wouldn’t […]

Lucy of Iraq

Meet Momma Lucy~ “Lucy, and another local dog, Prince Ali, started to come around our work every so often. Both of them clearly very hungry, and weak. They would slowly start making their way into our port dawg family. Not too long later, it seemed that Lucy started to trust us enough to bring a […]