Annie the Kitty

Meet Annie ~ “I lost my best friend in the world, Jake, my 9 year old German shepherd.He passed away three days after I left for the Middle East. Home for me has always been anywhere he is, and his greeting is what got me through my previous deployments. I felt lost and empty since […]

Kandahar George

Meet Kandahar George ~ “One night when I was out looking for another dog that needed medical care, I saw this little guy come running towards our truck. But when I got out of the truck to give him food he went off in the other direction and hid in barbed wire. I left food […]

Winston of Afghanistan

Meet Winston of Afghanistan~ “This is Winston, he is from a large city in northern Afghanistan. He came to us as a gift from a local to be our camp/ team dog. We are a special forces team and we were gladly to take in this youngster. He is an awesome dog. Great personality, loves […]

Stella of Kuwait

Meet Stella of Kuwait~ “While on deployment, we had 4-5 dogs living within our work area. Seeing the conditions they had to live in was almost unbearable. I have been looking into getting a dog when I returned for deployment, and when my co-worker said that he was rescuing one of the other dogs, Roscoe, […]


Meet Roscoe~ “A few weeks after arriving in country two very thin dogs (Sheba and Dash) starting poking there nose around our operating area. Sheba is white husky-ish looking and a bit shy, something tells me she hasn’t had the best experience with humans but dash the black lab immediately jumped in my lap once […]

Kaiya of Afghanistan

Meet Kaiya of Afghanistan~ “We found Kaiya during a bad rain/wind storm in April. She was curled up in a ball, all alone covered in ticks and shivering cold. My Team and I rescued her immediately and provided warmth, shelter, food and water. She has stayed with us since and is very healthy now. We […]

Alanis & Nala of the Republic of Georgia

The FINAL TWO! Alanis & Nala! PRM is headed back to get Chewy and the last 2 puppies Alanis & Nala! If you would like to adopt either of these puppies email This litter has been cared for and loved by US Marines deployed in Republic of Georgia. They are the sweetest things. They […]

Chewy of the Republic of Georgia

Meet Chewy of the Republic of Georgia~ “Chewy was a younger puppy when we arrived in Georgia. She quickly became a part of our family over there as the Marines basically adopted Chewy and a few other dogs. The other 3 main dogs have also all been adopted and brought to the states so they […]


Meet Rhino~ “Rhino was left to die by the locals in our area. I overheard their conversation and had to ask if I could take care of her (my first pet). I fell in love with her and hopefully she can come home.”

Echo of Kuwait

Meet Echo~ “The pups name is Echo. This pup wandered upon some of our guys. They met up with the pup’s family and reunited them all together. Later on they came across the same pup but this time some of its siblings were deceased. They took it in and cleaned up the pup and gave […]