Meet Bambam of Turkey: “These dogs at our location are amazing. They always are there to greet us and give us a smile when we are missing family & friends. There is not any other way to explain our desire to rescue them from this dismal place but a Miracle. We worry about their safety […]

Bruder & Fratello

Meet Bruder & Fratello of Lebanon: “Bruder (aka Paint Face) and Fratello (Sad Eyes) are the two surviving puppies of a litter of seven. When I first arrived they were maybe a little over a month old and within about 6 weeks they were the last two remaining. I decided that I would do my […]


Meet Bewler the Cat: “This is Bewler. She was someone’s “amusement” when they lit her tail on fire just to watch her run around. The last three inches or so is only exposed bone, and she needs medical attention that cannot be provided to her in Afghanistan, where my boyfriend is currently working. Even though […]


Meet Halo: “Halo is a 4 1/2 month old female. While out and about where we are located, we saw a house that had a bunch of dogs just running around, scrounging for food. I decided if nothing else, we could take one of the puppies in, and give them a better life. When I […]

Miri & Jak

Meet Miri & Jak of Guam: Miri & Jak are in Guam. Jak is blind and very attached to Miri. They will be traveling with an escort in March and Puppy Rescue Mission is assisting the Soldier get everything all lined up for these little ones.


Meet Sima of Djibouti: She was part of the Police Security in Djibouti and despite her awful condition they were still taking her out at night to work. She is now at a refuge run by a great vet Dr. Lafrance…she needs to get out of that country and to a home where she will […]

Mattis of Kosovo

Meet Mattis of Kosovo: “One late afternoon a man approached the gate of CNH with a box in his hand. Unsure of what to expect the soldiers on base defense looked into the box and noticed three little puppies. In hope the soldiers could help the puppies, the man left knowing they were in good […]


Meet Gunner of Kosovo: “It was 1200 and bravo section was just about to start their shift on ECP. They were tired from the morning’s task and everyone was out of it. A car pulled up and the tower called down that they dumped a puppy off at the gate. It’s nothing new here in […]


Meet Copper of Africa: “My name is Mark and I’m currently deployed. For those of you who know me, know I’m not one to use social media as a platform to promote or solicit in any fashion. This post is certainly out of my comfort zone but I need your help. I would like to […]

Dray & Dari

Meet Dray & Dari: “Dray and Dari were found living in a small cave in the mountains of Afghanistan. Dray was born with only three legs. I rescued her and her brother Dari as I knew if I did not they would not survive. They have become my companions over here and each day I […]