Meet Dusty of Afghanistan: “I first met Dusty on a short temporary deployment to Afghanistan. She was sweet, affectionate and eager for interaction. I thought she was the cutest little dog and hoped someone would scoop her up and rescue her. When I returned for my year deployment I found her still in the same […]


Meet Mustafa of Jordan: “In mid-April 2017, Dena became aware of a plea for help to adopt a blind puppy that was bred into a litter of Military Working Dogs on a base in the Middle East where she is currently serving on active duty. When we learned that this pup needed a home, we […]


Meet Briana of Afghanistan: “Briana has brought so much love and happiness to me and our so many other guys during my work in Afghanistan! She is always warning us if something isn’t right. Born there, she was one puppy in a litter of four. Her brothers and sister already have families waiting for them […]

Ginger of Africa

Meet Ginger of Africa: “I am on my 5th deployment, we have always had some sort of mascot and such to deal with living overseas in a combat zone. I came across this poor dog that everyone has named Ginger, she had had two litters of pups only one which had survived and made it […]

Oba of Africa

Meet Oba of Africa: “Oba was raised by the military and contractors. She runs around in a pack or females and is the nicest of them to humans and doesn’t have much fear of us. That endearing trait to us makes her a large target to be eaten by locals who don’t have enough food […]


Meet Lucy of Afghanistan: “I am a United States Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. This is my third deployment to Afghanistan since 2012, and I’ve been here for just over a month and a half thus far. I serve as an advisor to the Afghan National Police at the […]

Aida the cat

Meet Aida the Cat: “Five months ago when we arrived, I met the sweetest cat around. Other cats were always scaring her. All of the USO cats get fed every morning but this little girl lives next to the drivers shed so she only got fed chicken bones and rice and whatever else the drivers […]

Sadie of Afghanistan

Meet Sadie of Afghanistan: “My name is Adam I am currently in Afghanistan at camp Stevenson. I am a civilian contractor now and former Marine. There is a puppy here could not be more then 3 months old. Two days ago she was seen on the camp and the army wanted to shoot her out […]


Meet Puc of Afghanistan: “Little Puc (Puppy Under Control) was found in Afghanistan in rough shape – he could not open his right eye because of all the tics on it, and he was half-starving. But he quickly became everybody’s best friend, playing, investigating, and keeping anyone company who would let him. Please help me […]

Amour of Lebanon

Meet Amour of Lebanon: She is the momma to Baal and Byblos. She is 18 months old and was rescued off the streets by a US Soldier serving there. He contacted a woman that we team with named Helena. Here is her story. http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/10/world/meast/animal-shelter-lebanon/ “For a relatively small country, there are a significant number of […]