Meet Rhino~ “Rhino was left to die by the locals in our area. I overheard their conversation and had to ask if I could take care of her (my first pet). I fell in love with her and hopefully she can come home.”

Echo of Kuwait

Meet Echo~ “The pups name is Echo. This pup wandered upon some of our guys. They met up with the pup’s family and reunited them all together. Later on they came across the same pup but this time some of its siblings were deceased. They took it in and cleaned up the pup and gave […]

Pooh Bear of Turkey

Meet Pooh Bear of Turkey~ “Pooh Bear has endured a lot in her life and the scars are a reminder of her past. Yet, surprisingly, her past does not seem to faze her. She is a caring and gentle soul that only wants to be loved. Shortly after I arrived on site, Pooh Bear gave […]

Gazi of Turkey

Meet Gazi of Turkey~ “As soon as I heard there was a charity to help us get the dogs stateside, I knew I wanted to adopt one. I had originally planned to wait for one of the new puppies to be born, but when I saw Gazi for the first time, he stole my heart. […]


Meet Chief ~ “A few weeks back while on a patrol to one of our checkpoints I ran into a small pup. I spent a few hours hanging out with him, giving him food and water until it was time to head back. We had plans to return to the same checkpoint a few days […]


Meet Kral~ “A few weeks back while on a patrol to one of our checkpoints I ran into a small pup. I spent the night there hanging out with him, giving him food and water, playing, and spending the night no more than five feet apart. Kral has the need to always be near me […]


Meet Meatball~ “I normally work in the armory but one day per rotation I worked on flight. My second time working a buddy of mine told me that there was a puppy out on our perimeter. Just this small little guy, so brave and territorial of this tower with no Mom, no food and no […]

Syri of Syria

Meet Syri~ “Syri is an approximately 4 month old pup who was found hiding underneath one of my trucks in a village in Syria. She was very young at the time and was clearly on need of help or I fear she wouldn’t have survived. She has been looked after by myself and other members […]

April & Maya of the Republic of Georgia

Meet April & Maya of the Republic of Georgia~ “April & Maya are two of the ten beloved puppies that I took care of for half of my deployment. I was in the Republic of Georgia from September 2017 till April 2018 and they were born in January 2018. Once the mother stopped breast feeding […]

Baqa of Afghanistan

Meet Baqa of Afghanistan~ “When I first saw this puppy, my heart instantly sank. He was so skinny, his fur falling off, he was critically dehydrated, and he could barely muster the energy to move. It was also immediately apparent that someone had beaten him severely. His hind legs have lost some of their mobility, […]