As written by Oreo’s soldier: “I am writing to you because I have been told that my lil girl Oreo has a limited amount of time here with us on my COP. I have taken care of her, gotten her shots mailed from home. She had a pretty good set-up. I knew there was going […]


As written by Izzy’s soldier: For security reasons I wish not to give my name or rank, but I’m a soldier serving in Afghanistan. My fellow soldiers and I where on a mission when we found Izzy. She was just eight weeks old and barely able to stand, but she still came right up to […]


As written by Isa’s soldier: “ISa was found wandering alone in the vicinity of the Isa Khan bridge by a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team. The Isa Khan bridge is a bridge that has been heavily fortified by Taliban militia fighters by IED’s in an attempt to keep coalition force aid out of the […]


From Daisy’s Soldier: “Daisy was originally another platoon’s (3rd PLT Charlie Company 1/506 IN) dog, but their First Sergeant wouldn’t let them keep her anymore. Their platoon leader is friends with mine. They brought her down here so they wouldn’t have to get rid of her or put her down. Since then she has been […]


This is Buttons – a girl puppy who was rescued by an American soldier and who was waiting at the shelter for about one month. The soldier raised most of the money for her trip and we have told him we would help with the rest. Buttons is so sweet and is now great with […]


As written by Beefy’s soldier: Million thank you’s, and hugs and kisses. Thanks for getting the funding, just makes me smile how wonderful our country is. How I got Beefy? Someone else wanted to take her home, but at the last minute, couldn’t, so without question I said sure I will take her home. We […]


Meet Amira which means “princess” in Arabic. From her solider: Amira was a puppy that was originally living at an OP above our FOB. She followed people down and was in danger of being terminated. We temporarily held her in a holding pen on our FOB that housed a ram and two donkeys. Unfortunately, her […]