RESCUE UPDATE (MAY 2014): Lincoln was rescued by his soldier back in 2011. He was part of a litter that included Kinah & Missy Mo that reached the USA. Powda, Khan, Dayzee did not make it as they became ill. We were devastated as were their soldiers. Here is Lincoln today. He is such a […]


RESCUE UPDATE (April 2014): “Daisy and my family want to say thank you for bringing her home 3 years ago today. I remember the joy I felt when I saw her for the first time, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. Just to know she would never have […]


RESCUE UPDATE (March 2014): Lefty has really adapted to the American Life he has. He is sweet and gentle but yet playful. He really is a gentle giant. He was rescued from a dangerous location along with Sarge, Diva and her puppies, Baby Bear kna Mayhem, Barrett and her puppies (which no one knew about […]

Tina of Sicily

RESCUE UPDATE (March 1, 2014): Tina of Sicily is celebrating her 1yr Gotcha Aniversary. She now lives in California and her Navy Corpsman posted this today: “It’s been one year today since we picked Tina up from the airport and she would not be here if it weren’t for good-hearted people making it happen. She […]


RESCUE UPDATE (March 2, 2014): Tank is a miracle. While in Afghanistan he was living in the vehicle parking lot of the base. He was super scared pup and his soldier was taking care of him while Tank aka Tucker was hiding from everyone and everything. He arrived to the USA to the wife of […]


2012- Army Soldier Evan’s puppy Ranger died in Afghanistan. We were devastated along with Evan being so sad about this happening. One puppy that was with Darren G needed a family. Darren was in the Wardak Province and had befriended and started caring for a litter.  Smoke was one of the litter. We asked Evan […]


As written by Trever’s soldier: “We have had Trever for a little over a month now and it’s no surprise how quickly he’s become a member of our tight knit family. I’ve received several compliments from dog owners on the base that he has one of the best personalties they’ve ever seen in a young […]


From Scout’s soldier: “I am hoping I can receive some assistance in rescuing my platoon’s dog, Scout. We are a U.S. Army Scout Platoon. My platoon rescued Scout from several Afghan men who were beating her in the city the week before Christmas. Since then, we have raised Scout at our camp, but we have recently […]


As written by Sadie’s soldier: “We were burning our garbage one day and saw some puppies and went to check them out. One pup looked cute so I caught her but she yelped and screamed. Her yelping caused mom, Shelia, to come over. I put the pup down and pet mom so she would see […]


From her soldier: “Rita was about three or four weeks old when she was found by soldiers on my team and purchased from a group of Afghan kids who were dragging and kicking her in a burlap bag. She had a very difficult time adjusting to the new environment due to how young she was, […]