Meet Calli the Cat:

“Since showing up here in country, she has bonded with me. She was very young and in need of someone to care for her. Every time I would be on watch I would make sure she was taken care of and would get some food. It has gotten to where in the evening I will go sit outside and she will come up and sit on my lap every time. I don’t need to call her or try and get her attention. One night I was trying to use my laptop in my lap, and she insisted on squeezing in-between the computer and myself. There are others here in the command who will pet her, but even they all recognize that she is my cat because of how she comes to me and will even sleep in my lap.

I want to get her to my home back in Illinois so she can have a good life without having to struggle for food and also have to defend against other feral cats. There are rules against feeding the cats, so a lot of time they have to fend for themselves and dig through trash to try and survive. She is a very sweet kitty that deserves a good home.

Currently at the house there are 2 dogs and 2 cats. All of them are up to date on shots and get regular heart worm medicine. They all get along together and the most recent dog was rescued from a pug rescue because they could not find a home for him because he is blind. It is a very good animal loving home who anxiously awaits to have Cali come to Illinois.”