Byblos of Lebanon

Meet Byblos of Lebanon:
He is one of Amour’s puppies and he is about 4 months old. He was rescued off the streets by a US Soldier serving there. He contacted a woman that we team with named Helena. Here is her story.

“For a relatively small country, there are a significant number of stray pets in Lebanon: around 40,000 dogs and an unknown number of cats, according to the Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA). Many are abandoned because their owners can no longer afford to care for them. Left to wander the streets and fend for themselves, the animals often meet terrible fates, from becoming bait dogs for fighting rings to being poisoned or shot because their numbers have reached ‘public-nuisance’ levels.”

With all of the help from this wonderful person and the Puppy Rescue Mission Family we know we can find this puppy a wonderful home where he will never have to worry about being shot or poisoned.

Please email if you would like Byblos to be part of your life.

Byblos is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It is believed to have been occupied first between 8800 and 7000 BC, and according to fragments attributed to the semi-legendary pre-Homeric Phoenician priest Sanchuniathon, it was built by Cronus as the first city in Phoenicia. It is one of the cities suggested as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and the site has been continuously inhabited since 5000 BC.