Buser the cat

Meet Buser (Boozer)~

“Buser (sounds like Boozer) was a companion to the camp dog Winston. They would play together and fight like siblings. He was found in a village in Northern Afghanistan as a tiny kitten and was brought into the camp and cared for. He was cleaned up and nourished to health. He quickly grew into a confident kitten with spunky attitude. He loves to play and he loves to eat. Tuna has been a fan favorite. At night Baby Buser likes to go outside and hang out by the lights to enhance his hunting skills by chasing all of the bugs that are drawn in. He loves to sleep with whoever will allow him in their bed, and he will wake them when he deems it is necessary to play, eat or both. He has pulled on the heart strings of many with his sweet and feisty demeanor. He loves to be held, and will purr for hours.

I would love to rescue this little man from the clutches of Afghanistan, and away from the German base where they have a no animal policy and allow him to live the rest of his sweet life being forever spoiled.”