Meet Bubba~

“I am a E-4 corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I’m writing today try and help with the adoption of a dog. A dog I now consider my best friend. His name is Bubba. My first deployment I was sent to Syria with my unit. After a few weeks, a few things happened and I had gotten sent to another base. My days in Syria were long. I had seen friends, better yet comrades, I called some even brothers, come and go. It had gotten to a point where I started to feel slightly depressed day after day, however I had my brothers to count on. That’s when it happened; the day they told me I was leaving the fight and going to a different base. I didn’t know if I should feel happiness or if I should feel sadness. A few days later getting to the new base and starting to work right away was hard. I had no friends, feeling down more than ever, and had no contact with my family at the time. I then happened to get posted with as a entry controller one day with someone I consider a brother now. That’s when it happened, when the little angel walked up to us, crying and just begging for some food and love. It was Bubba. I laid my eyes upon him and instantly fell in love. He was hesitant at first, but after some coaxing with a chicken breast I gothic to relax and come to me. I then pet him. Bliss. Bliss is all I could think of. For that one moment I felt bliss. No stress, no depression, nothing but love for this animal. After a few hours of him staying and playing with us for awhile, he then went on his way. Then reality hit. My little guy was leaving. A plethora of thoughts started running through my head; “would I see him again, is he going to be ok?” I then knew it was my mission to get my Bubba to a caring home. Please help me do this.”