Bruce of Turkey

Meet Bruce of Turkey:

“Bruce was born here at the Turkish Base in Gaziantep. Like most stray dogs Bruce was scooped up as a baby, brought to the vet, fixed and given his first set of shots and taken to the outskirts of town and dropped off. Somehow months later to everyone’s surprise Bruce found his way back across town to the base and has been here ever since. Bruce is the ultimate guard dog for the camp, he makes sure no other dogs or people come into the area without barking and letting everyone know. Bruce usually sleeps outside on the ground because he is not allowed in the building. However during thunderstorms he will sneak into the basement and hide in the corner, he is not a fan. Bruce is a very loyal and gentle guy, I really want to take him back to the states with me to give me a nice home. He has been through a lot in his short life and deserves a lot better. He has made my time here more enjoyable, it’s the least I can do for him.”

Bruce is headed to the Buckeye State!