Bruce of Iraq

Meet Bruce of Iraq~

“I’ve been in Iraq for 8 months almost 9 months. Slowly getting ready to head home back to the states. I’m a firm believer in giving second chances. It’s not the Bruce’s fault that he was born in this environment. I was approached by someone that wanted to take Bruce home but her husband said no. Bruce is such a sweet dog and deserves a second chance at a loving home with someone he can always count on to be there for him. He would also have another fur ball to play with. I’ve always wanted to get another dog for my dog to play with. And being here in Iraq seeing this pup living off of scraps from the chow hall made me want to give him a second chance at life.

Summer time is here in Iraq and the temp gets up to 140 degrees. The only cool spots they lay are under trucks, equipment, or inside bunkers that we as Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen seek cover in when we have incoming. ”