Meet Bosko!

“Last tour I had the opportunity to adopt a puppy to our camp from the same litter as my boy here “Bosko”… sadly I lost my puppy to Parvo (while still overseas.) On returning on another tour, I was happy to find out that there had been one surviving puppy. I do not want to leave Bosko here because he surely will not live very much longer without the love, care and protection of his soldier. He truly has been my best friend while I have been here in country and cannot imagine leaving him here to an uncertain fate. Bosko needs complete eye contact while his belly is being rubbed, and paws at the bathroom door until it is opened. He is completely attached to his battle buddy, because his life is now full of attention and good food. Bosko works out at the gym fetching balls, and then waits on the gym mats until his soldier is also done his workout. Bosko also has a brother from another dog mother. Bosco and “Bones” spend their days getting into mischief having play fights, being camp sentries, and rolling the mud. (Bones will also be coming to North America with another soldier, can’t leave a brother behind.) Bosko and his soldier would be grateful for any help to get this truly loyal and deserving pup, out of a bad situation and into the arms of the loving family waiting for him.”