Meet Bones~

“Bones was acquired / adopted near Sulymania and moved into the camp. For a handful of food, and a dry square foot of gravel to sleep on the dog was living the good life. (Bones had clearly suffered some abuse prior). Bones brought a sense of normal life the daily routine. The belief that in all of the things happening around oneself it was still possible to change a life for the better. Unfortunately, I was unable to take him with me when I was relocated to a different camp. My buddy stepped in and has been taking care of Bones for myself along with Bosko. I was recently made aware that when my buddies location changes the dogs will have no caretaker and will be euthanized. I can accept that one might not be able to change the whole world. I cannot accept that in all this I am unable to change a single life of a single animal. Its time to take bones home, to his new life where he will never again have to look over his shoulder wary of abuse or a bullet.”