Baqa of Afghanistan

Meet Baqa of Afghanistan~

“When I first saw this puppy, my heart instantly sank. He was so skinny, his fur falling off, he was critically dehydrated, and he could barely muster the energy to move. It was also immediately apparent that someone had beaten him severely. His hind legs have lost some of their mobility, and he has trouble sitting on the ground.

I befriended him over the course of that first week. I routinely brought water and food and left it out for him. I would slowly approach him and attempt to make contact. Finally on the second week, on a particularly hot day, he was laying in the shade and I decided it was going to be today. I had to make contact. He watched me inch closer and closer over the course of half an hour until I was sitting next to him. He started to whine, and I could tell by his body language that he wanted me to pet him but he wasn’t sure if I would just beat him like everyone else. When I finally pet him, he dropped his head in my hand and I could tell nobody had ever pet him before.

In the weeks since then I’ve been able to help him gain some weight, keep him hydrated, and his fur is very slowly returning. The heat is becoming unbearable and I know that without help, he will surely die. I have dogs of my own in the US, and as a dog lover, I can’t leave this puppy behind to suffer and ultimately die from the elements, starvation, or at the hands of a human being.

I’ve decided to name him Baqa. It means Survivor.”

Baqa has a bad case of mange. He has started his treatment in country and will travel after he has healed. Headed for CALIFORNIA BABY!!!