Meet Bambam of Turkey:

“These dogs at our location are amazing. They always are there to greet us and give us a smile when we are missing family & friends. There is not any other way to explain our desire to rescue them from this dismal place but a Miracle. We worry about their safety once we are gone. Today they left with a pet taxi to safety and we are so worried about them but we all know it is the start of a new life. Please help us get them to a better place – the USA.
Also please pray for our Thumper. He was not able to get the ride to safety today. He panicked and we had to quit trying for his own safety. We will not give up on this dog as he is so worth the struggle. We are gaining his trust again and will get him with his buds soon.”

He is headed to Missouri to live a life a dog deserves. Please help him get his ticket to FREEDOM.