Annie the Kitty

Meet Annie ~

“I lost my best friend in the world, Jake, my 9 year old German shepherd.He passed away three days after I left for the Middle East. Home for me has always been anywhere he is, and his greeting is what got me through my previous deployments. I felt lost and empty since his passing, even scared of coming home to silence, and emptiness in my life. Months went by and the image of him was still a perfect picture in my mind. This made me more and more fearful of going home. It was literally eating away at me until one day… This beautiful feral cat showed up under my steps and changed me. She would not let me get within 10 feet of her without running away, but she was so beautiful I was determined to gain her trust. Day by day she would let me get closer and closer. Slowly drawing her in with food and toys. Eventually she would sit next to me and eat her food. Her trust was starting to grow! A week went by and she finally let me take the next step, she started eating out of my hand. More weeks passed without any progress until one day she walked up to me and rubbed her face against my hand and even let me pet her! From then on we had a bond. I decided to name her Annie, she was my little orphan cat. Now Annie follows me around, comes when I call her, sits in my lap, sleeps under my room, and will even sit in my chair all day until I come back! She is an absolute love! Her future here is not a bright one and I hope with the help of PRM I can give her a long, beautiful life. I know in losing Jake I lost a good part of myself, but in finding Annie a good part of that void has been filled.”