Meet Ammo~

We have an amazing Christmas story to share with all of you. We received rescue request to help this beautiful dog Ammo to come to America. His story is not the typical story we share… You see his daddy who rescued him was injured in Afghanistan and sent home to America due to his injuries. His team back in Afghanistan reached out to see if we could help get his battle buddy home to him. Can we make this Christmas miracle happen for Will and Ammo?

Ammo’s story:
“Will, an Army Special Forces soldier, was recently injured on a combat operation in Afghanistan. Weeks prior to the mission, Will had rescued this puppy, Ammo, from a previous operation where he and Ammo were both injured by the same IED blast (both minor leg injuries). From that moment on the two were bonded. Will’s recent injuries from a different IED blast caused him to be MEDEVAC’d out of Afghanistan. Ammo is still undergoing his vaccination schedule, but the team is wanting to send him to his new family as soon as possible. The team is asking for donations to get this little puppy safely back to his friend.”