Meet Affie of Afghanistan~

“Affie is a stray that has been living out in the open and sleeping where he can find a place to do so. Sometimes he is lucky enough to get in out of the cold and sneak into the hangers on the airfield. The weather is getting very cold here now and this is also a very real concern. Affie has been the bright light of my days here in Kandahar and the other guys and I feed him when we can, my wife also sends him treats and toys to brighten his days. We are all concerned because the other animals that have been hanging out at the airbase have been slowly trapped and euthanized…

Affie has recently started getting to close to the airfield and if he continues to get to close, they will come and take him away. He is a very good and friendly dog, he comes when called and plays well with a puppy that is also here (puppy is in process of being adopted and going to his forever home in the states).

I want to give Affie a forever home where he is safe and loved and well taken care of. My wife and I love animals and really want Affie to spend the rest of his life feeling what love really is.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help Affie, all animals deserve to be loved.”

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