Achilles of Afghanistan

Meet Achilles of Afghanistan~

“We found this poor baby struggling all alone in the harsh environment in southern Afghanistan where the summers are extremely hot, dry, and dusty. He was all alone and trying to protect himself from other dogs and people. He would growl and run from us as best he could, if we tried to approach him. And then he disappeared. Weeks later we found him inside our area hiding in a sewage area. This time he allowed us to approach him and give him some food. It turned out that he loved to get belly rubs and to give kisses. He’s such a cuddler and would cuddle with other tame dogs in the area. Given the dirty and uneven terrain, we moved him to a quiet cleaner space with even concrete. This poor little guy, that people call tiny Tim, has deformed legs and a respiratory illness from all the dust, but he’s always smiling and wagging his little tail. He loved his first trip to a grassy area where it’s soft for him to walk. We all love him and want the best for this happy little boy. Despite all he has been through, he is the happiest little man. ”

This fundrazr reflects money that will also be needed for surgery for Achilles.