2017 Neda’s Fund

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction
that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”
Franklin D.Roosevelt

Our Primary mission is to help bring home the companions to our soldiers serving in a war zone. These companions already have homes waiting for them in the USA. They just need help bringing them home. The Puppy Rescue Mission believes that these beloved companions have at times not only physically saved our soldiers from harm but have also filled an emotional need for a sense of home and normalcy in a hostile and dangerous environment. These companions make our soldiers’ lives better. Their unconditional love is critical to the morale of our troops. And as demonstrated by the attack on the suicide bomber, these dogs protect our soldiers from harm. In return, our soldiers want to save their companions from this dangerous world when they are transferred home. The Puppy Rescue Mission responds to our soldiers’ requests for help by raising funds and helping find the means to transport their friends.

The Puppy Rescue Mission believes this rescue mission has a place among all the organizations working both globally and domestically to save animals from cruelty and death. We believe that in supporting our soldiers’ urgent requests to help save their companions, we are not only supporting our fighting men and women but also helping to save the helpless from a cruel world. In the words of our founder, “No soldier should ever be faced with the decision of leaving their beloved animal behind….”.

Neda’s Fund is an ongoing fundraiser to purchase medical supplies and help assist animals in need of medical attention both in the USA and abroad.

This fund helped the Sumner Rescues, Operation Hope (Zeke, Hannah, Helen & Riley) and any animals that become ill when in the USA and other miscellaneous out of the ordinary vet care.  See Zeke’s Story at https://youtu.be/TfnQk8CGE6E

About Neda:
“I’m unable to articulate my joy for her life and those at PRM who worked day and night to try and save her, nor can I put into words the pain and the loss I now feel. We thank you for all the prayers, love and support…I will carry Neda in my heart forever!”
Honoring our Fallen, Neda Soltan Deckelman.”
Lee Deckelman

Neda Soltan Deckelman was found as a puppy by a U.S. Army Sergeant on the Afghanistan/Iran border. She was brought back to base camp where Lee Deckelman adopted her. She quickly became a member of BW Team 6. Before she could complete her journey to Tennessee, she fell ill at the shelter facility and passed away. Lee and his team members were devastated by the loss of Neda. She was bright, beautiful, brave and bold – loving and light-hearted – tough and tender. Her life may have been short, but it will now always be significant.

Neda’s Fund

Neda’s solider, Lee, is a retired military civilian working in Afghanistan as a contractor. Neda and Lee developed an incredible bond throughout his tour and he had contacted The Puppy Rescue Mission to help get her home. Neda Dog~The amazing thing with Lee is that he wanted to pay Neda’s entire way home and additionally, wanted to donate to help other rescues come home as well as help to purchase crates. Sadly, Neda passed away before she made it home to Tennessee. While still in Afghanistan, she contracted a deadly disease. And despite tremendous effort at the facility – which has limited supplies and equipment – she did not make it. In her honor, Lee has vowed to fight for better equipment for the Afghan facility to help prevent this from happening again. In his own words:

“I would love for anyone and everyone to donate any amount of money to The Puppy Rescue Mission on Facebook in Neda’s honor. It’s now my mission to establish a fund for the overall transit shelter needs for TPRM and increase their ability to manage sick animals. Just for starters, they could use some additional lab equipment for fecal samples, to ID infections. I want something positive to come from all this, that’s what Neda was all about!!!”

To start The Neda Fund, Lee has chosen to donate Neda’s entire transport amount to help TPRM improve vet services in Afghanistan. Neda’s Fund is an ongoing, permanent gift option for The Puppy Rescue Mission. It will be used to ensure the most important mission of these brave battle buddies is one that is completed in health and safety.

Won’t you consider a gift in remembrance of Neda today?